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= San Diego Author of Fiction & Nonfiction =

Jean-Thomas Cullen relaxing in San Diego harbor on a balmy summer evening with sea breezes and golden sunshine; the extra hand belongs to my wife, CarolynA San Diego Author: John T. Cullen. I write fiction and nonfiction under my birth name— plus several pseudonyms for spice & variety: Jean-Thomas Cullen, John T. Cullen, and John Argo. I'll tell you all about my many books, stories, articles, and essays in the pages and sites of this interconnected webplex (my term for it since the pioneering days of the mid-1990s).

A San Diego State of Mind. The image at right captures one of the best flavors of San Diego atmosphere: laid back but intense, easy-going but mysterious, and always exciting. What a perfect place to write books, stories, and articles. I'll sprinkle in more images of San Diego for all of you San Diegoers (in fact or fantasy). Most of all, I will share with you my bibliography of more than thirty books and a growing number of journalistic nonfiction titles (primarily in history and the sciences).

My Life's Work. I have been a professional writer for over fifty years. I summarize it all, starting on this page, in four major categories (see categories page). Like a tree, and this is just the tip of the crown, with a massive structure reaching downward to roots on this website and others. This is what I have dreamed of building for twenty years since I first went online in 1996: not a website, but a webplex or network of linked websites.

Navigation. The core of this website revolves around my 40+ titles (fiction, nonfiction, mostly books, some articles of varying lengths) listed under categories. I have written most of these works using a palette of three names: my birth name (Jean-Thomas Cullen, born in post-World War 2 Europe); John T. Cullen, the name I have used most of my life in the English-speaking world; and John Argo (SF/F/H and mystery/suspense). I dreamed up the pseudonym John Argo when I first began publishing on the wondrous, almost miraculous new technology of the Internet. The name deliberately reflects the magical ship Argo, on which Jason and the Argonauts (Argo Sailors) traveled around the ancient Aegean on a number of SF/F/H adventures. The Argo myth holds up a brilliantly burnished mirror to our SFnal Sense of Wonder.


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